Decorative window films for all types of glass

Choose from a wide range of window tinting styles in the colour of your choice. For details, talk to a member of our team. Our services are available in Ashford and Kent.

Tinting services by qualified installers

Would you like to improve the appearance of your car's windows? Are you thinking of getting a solar-resistant glass roof for your conservatory? Upgrade your windows with top quality tinted glass from Ashford Window Tints. We have a range of stylish films available for installation. You can choose from car security films to blackout limo style films for your car. As far as your conservatory or home's windows and doors are concerned, you can let us know the shade and colour of your choice and we can personalise it for you. If security is your concern, you can opt for our range of bomb blast window film and security window films which are designed to protect people against the dangers of flying shards of glass.
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Whole window tinting

At Ashford Window Tints we work in a dust free workshop to ensure the highest quality finish for your tinted glass. When tinting a car window we remove the pane and tint the entire surface. At the same time we will inspect the window regulator checking to make sure that the entire unit it working properly for you, we will even order in replacement parts if required.
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Benefits of our tinted products

  • Improves safety - Solar screen films render regular glass shatter-resistant much like costly safety glass. It thereby helps in keeping the glass in place in the event of an accident
  • Improves privacy due to their translucent or opaque surface
  • Solar control - The tinting improves visual comfort, whilst reducing flare from the sun. It also blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Keeps your conservatory cooler
  • Protects your glass from graffiti
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We pride ourselves on our excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Whether you are looking for decorative window film or security tinting, we can install the most appropriate product, according to your specifications and requirements. For more information on our range of safety films, window tinting, privacy films, window film coating, security or bomb blast film, feel free to contact us today. Also, take a look at our terms and conditions prior to booking our services.
"Top bloke ,tints are wicked 100% recomend also dropped me off at the outlet centre and picked me up when they was done ! Couldnt be happier" - Jake - June 2016

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